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25 March 2017

my podcast problem


my podcast problem

25 Mar 2017

I am currently subscribed to 27 podcasts. Finding time to listen to all these podcasts is a challenge, especially considering that most of these podcasts come out on a weekly schedule.

Overcast makes it somewhat easier to manage, thanks to Smart Speed and the speed adjustments, but still, that is a lot of time to listen to people talk.

Here is my list of podcasts I listen to on a regular basis:

I have to cut back on which podcasts I listen to, because this is getting out of hand. Most likely, I’ll decide which ones to cut using some of these criteria:

Even though I want to listen to all these podcasts, I need to get down to 20 podcasts so I don’t have to always feel like listening to podcasts is another chore to do before next week’s episodes come out. I enjoy listening to these shows, but when it gets laborious to listen to all of them, you know there’s a problem.