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16 April 2017

disappointment and opportunity


disappointment and opportunity

16 Apr 2017

Rejection is never easy. About a month ago, I was rejected from the university I have wanted to attend for the last decade. In the following two weeks, I had similar news from the next 9 schools on my list, all of which I would have been thrilled to attend.

Overall, I handled the news better than I had expected, but it still hurt pretty badly.

I did get into a school that was not originally on my radar. After seeing the school in person, I decided that it will be my home for the next four years. I couldn’t have predicted this outcome two months ago.

While I have heard that I will ultimately end up at the right school for me, I don’t personally believe this kind of logic. I do really like the school I will be attending, but I don’t believe that it is necessarily my school. No school is my school until I am there and make it my own.

I also believe that you only get out of anything what you put in. Whether I did go to one of my higher choices, or if I go to the school I committed to, or if I chose my safety school, I think I could eventually reach the same goals. Sure, the paths would be different, and it may take a different amount of time, and the destinations would be very different. But the main ideas, per se, would be the same.

I was definitely disappointed to see the rejections, but it’s much more productive looking at the other opportunities that are available to me. Instead of thinking about what I am missing, I need to think about everything still in front of me.